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Line up line. Precept upon Precept.

Hi there!

Goals reflects the desires of the heart and my main goals for this blog includes personal growth and keeping a healthy lifestyle. It is nothing big, just small daily tasks I push myself to do each day. Inspiring talks and thoughts will also be shared here and things that I would want to get off of my chest 😂..


“by small and simple things are great things brought to pass”

-Alma the Youngest

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We Broke up

One of the things I have learned this week is to listen. I broke things up with Del last week on Saturday. I was already frustrated with the same reason he was giving about not making more time with me. I was too demanding and…

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Do Better

You know when people avoid talking to you or being near you? I am not sure of what the other reasons are, but I am sure of this one: it is because they are talking shit about you behind your back. If anyone wishes to…

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Keep pushing

In times of trials/challenges, we tend to stop pushing and aiming to achieve our goals. Sometimes, we tend to give up. Sometimes, we tend to take a break until we feel that it is okay to try again. Being consistent with submitting assignments in before…

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With Del

Today, I did not do much but it was a good day. I talked to Del for many hours and it was amazing. I loved every part of it. I feel happy from understanding him a little more and I know that he is trying.…

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Scared for my life

If I want to stay healthy, I need to think of every organs of my body. My brain, my stomach, my livers, my skin, etc. I need to think of how they need to survive the long run and to be strong. What are their…

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Day 3

Day 3 went great. I fell asleep last night without finishing typing down all the details of what happened yesterday. My goals were: exercise meditate finish marriage skills assignments application to BYU-Hawaii eat & drink water Spiritual goal was: to rely on the Spirit for…

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